PT.Intergy Global Forma or IGF was establish in 2017 based on an idea, came up by Baskan Hanurajie and his companion. Initially IGF was going to be a production company that focused on producing NDT equipment such as viewer, UV light, and etc but in 2016 Baskan Hanurajie decided to also include NDT inspection and certification. Soon after the company was established, Badan Tenaga Nuklir Nasional or BATAN together with IGF, created BATAN radiography requalification for level 1 and 2 in Tanggerang and a year after that IGF and BATAN together created BATAN radiography aptitude test also in Tanggerang. 

Today IGF office reside in Tanggerang, Indonesia and our company now focus on NDT inspection and certification. Our NDT inspection include welding, casting, and forging material inspection in many industries such as aviation, oil and gas, power plant, construction, manufacture, etc. Our inspectors are certified by SNT-TC-1A as NDT level 2 in MT, PT, UT, ET, VT, and also certified by SNI ISO 9712:2014 as NDT level 1 RT. We also have our own NDT expert that certified as NDT level 3 in MT, RT, and UT by IAEA and ISO. All of our inspectors and expert are reliable in using some of the standard, code, and specification such as ASME, AWS, ASTM, and API.

Beside NDT inspection service, we also have NDT certification and re-certification program for those who want to be certified or just want to extend their certification. There are five methods of NDT certification and re-certification that our company provide and that is MT, PT, UT, ET, and RI level 1 and 2. The certificate that come from our NDT certification program are certified by ASNT and approved by ASNT NDT level 3. Together with BATAN, we also provide radiography aptitude test and radiography requalification level 1 and 2. We have class that can hold up to 20 student and we also have complete NDT equipment for the student.

Today IGF has develop its service in NDT equipment rental such as UT flaw, UT thickness, MT DC/AC yoke, etc. Our inspection service has also been developing ever since IGF was founded, from NDT UT, ET, MT, PT, and RT inspection to VT (borescope), PMI, hardness testing inspection and also NDT advance inspection such as AUT using crawler, EMAT, etc.

The competence and professionalism of IGF is our main strength. Because our client happiness is our main priority, we as a company always strive toward highest service quality either in our inspection service or certification and re-certification service. We are determined to create IGF as a world-class-oriented business that could compete internationally. In the future we hope IGF together with Indonesia and the world could make a safer future for the next generation