Drs. Baskan Hanurajie, M.Eng,  (ASNT Member No. 174313) is a NDT researcher in National Nuclear Energy Agency who has performed extensive application work in the oil and gas company in order to synchronization between research and operations field. He has many experiences in NDT application at PT.BADAK NGL, CNOOC, CONOCO-Phillips, and GMF. He has been as a visiting scientist at Japan Atomic Energy Agency in Ibaraki for Infrared thermography research and studied ultrasonic testing at Yokohama National University. He is responsible for National examiner for Radiographer in Indonesia. He is certified as IAEA ISO NDT-Level III. He has been involved in submitting NDCM conference in Berlin, Germany and JSNDI conference in Tokyo, Japan. He also trained to various industrial sectors in Japan and Korea. He has attended integrated management system GSR-3 in Argonne National Laboratory Chicago, USA. He has responsible for the professional training programs in the fields of Radiographer interpreter, others NDT, quality management system ISO-17024, plan maintenance, etc.  Finally, he has several published articles and research papers . He also becomes AUDITOR for ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 and Security Management System (SMS) for Nuclear Facilities.

Hadi Wibowo, ST­ is a Lead Auditor for ISO-9001 certified under IRCA. He has attended many NDT Training Course under ASNT certification for VT, PT, MT, UT ,EMI, and latest for Phased Array-RTIS certified by Olympus – Canada. He has many experiences in NDT application in oil and gas industry, especially for OCTG. He has strong back ground in Quality Management System and handling many improvement projects.  One project which gives much benefit which had been implemented for Line Pipe Products is about “On-line Traceability System”. The system give possibilities to trace the products and assist to control inventory by online. He become Representative for QTC (Houston) as part of Chevron-ETC Global, STORK-Fluor (Aberdeen), Alman-Llyod KISH (Iran), and GQIS (UK) for handling oil and gas project for Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, Sub-Sea Seven, etc. 

is a NDT practice in Intergy Global Forma (IGF) who has performed the managerial for structure installations. He has many experiences in NDT field and training. He is certified as NDT-Level II for VT, PT, MT, UT, RT, IR and Lifting Test.  He performed NDT in many field in Oil and Gas, Mining, Aircraft inspection, welding on construction, Fabrication, Tank, Conveyor, and Building Structure.